Thoughts on Life’s Purpose

Picture yourself meeting God one morning.

God says to you:

“Hey man, what in the world are you doing working for an IT company??? Spending 10 hours a day coding and then staring at pretty coworkers during your lunch break?

You were meant for so much more!!! Were you afraid or your parents or peers? Is that why you didn’t listen to your inner voice? That was MY voice!

Listen to me. I have plans for you to build the greatest school in your country. A school that is there for children to come learn how to live a happy and content life, and not just how to get a pointless job.

Collecting the money needed for this is hard. Convincing parents to priorities their childrens’ happiness over their own fear of the unknown is even harder. Plus, you’ve lost a few years, you’re already 25. And you graduated with a degree in engineering! But I have good news, and it’s going to be OK. We are talking about your LIFE PURPOSE.

When you set your sights on your life purpose, nothing in the world can get in your way.

So now GO FORTH!!! Now that you know what your life was meant to be!!!”

You feel peace for the first time since you were a small child. A sense of calm. An alignment.

In your heart, you feel a small flame ignite. And then suddenly it’s a roaring fire.

You then collapse at God’s feet, thank him, and commit to achieve your life’s purpose.

You go straight to the company you work for, submit your resignation, pick some choice words you had always been tempted to say to your boss – and race out. A FREE man at last!!!

But then the real work starts. There are many problems ahead, but your internal commitment never falters. No matter what hurdles come before you, giving up never crosses your mind. Instead, the question is “How shall I face this challenge?” Some of the plans are delayed, but your patience is never lacking. You might receive negative feedback from your parents and family, and rude comments from friends, they say that you are throwing your life away for nothing at all – but still you continue. Your friends are moving upwards and onwards in life, they are getting married and having kids – but none of that can deter you from your goal. All the while your friends are secretly reading motivational books and watching inspirational videos to ‘discover their life’s purpose’, wistfully hoping for the courage to do what you are doing – and you are busy putting in the real work.

You slave away, giving everything you have for days, months, years. A decade passes. You have obviously achieved success and have never let anything distract from your goal.

Your story attracts attention and is published on websites, you’re known as “The man who brought enlightenment in to education” Your achievements earn national awards and even more recognition.

It’s been a fulfilling, but incredibly difficult 15 years.

And one day, you are on a train headed to visit one of the many schools you have established.

On the train, you see a familiar face.

You nearly yell in surprise and joy. You collapse at his feet and sob “Dear God!!! How can I ever thank you enough for showing me my life’s purpose!!! If you hadn’t told me on that fateful day, I would still be wasting my life away at the same desk! I have never had time to raise a family, and my own mother and father have disowned me – but none of that has mattered after experiencing the fulfillment that I have now! Now I know my true family is the thousands of children whose lives I have changed!”

God looks at you and says “Oh my!! You look familiar! I think I met you…10…15 years ago? You fell at my feet in tears then too? You even gave me some improvised lines!”

“Lines???? What are you saying?” you ask. You are completely befuddled!

“Those lines where you were ‘vowing to change education forever’ man! The director was angry at first, but then he thought it was hilarious. We searched and searched for you, but you vanished without a trace! Why in the world did you leave the set without your pay?”

“What are you talking about?!!!!” You are in shock. “You’re God, right?”

“Hahaha…that could be considered a nickname of mine. But no, really, my name is Murugan Paidman. Your acting was so good that day though!!! Your costume was so realistic, everyone was so convinced you really were an IT guy! Now that I mention it,  what is it that you really do for work?”

You hit the ground, unconscious.

In reality, life is a story that we tell ourselves, full of concepts that we create to better grasp the ideas of “myself”, “me” or “purpose”. A life purpose is never something that can be achieved. A life purpose is something that is formed and developed as the years go by. Sitting around and expecting your ‘life purpose’ to suddenly appear is the same as hitting the pause button, while your life goes on without you.

You might feel that your life is ultimately meaningless, but the great news is that you have the ability to give it meaning, and the ability to create the purpose you desire.

Don’t wait for your purpose to find you. Go out and create it.

Yourpurposemuse will help you find your true calling.

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