Conquer Limiting Beliefs

Dec 22, 2017 @ 06:51

There are usually some things that constrain us from transforming our lives. These are what we call limiting beliefs.

If you are unsure of what they are, let me elaborate. Ever used words like ‘If,’ ‘Maybe,’ ‘I can’t’ and other similar to those. You have to forget and not use them again since they can negatively impact your unconscious part of the brain if used on a regular basis.

And, that could be the reason why you find yourself not feeling good at times.

It is the work of the mind to protect you from any dangerous circumstances, and therefore, seeks any threats to survival. You can know more about this when you read Robert Greene’s book “Mastery.”

The way our mind works is like a soap opera; always on the ‘lookout,’ scanning for any wrong thing…..even if everything around is fine.

The mind can sometimes behave like a worrying mother; constantly asking itself, what “What if…What if…” about a future scenario yet it is only an imagination.

Many even refer the mind as the greatest soap opera scriptwriter as it is able to produce incredible stories and sometimes disastrous dramas…that never took place and probably, never will.

The challenge in this is that the mind forms stories and interpretations of the reality…instead of considering what the reality is. In the end, you fall into the trap of thinking the stories given are real and hence live according to such interpretations.

So, what can you do?

#1 Rid yourself of any limiting beliefs

After identifying the limiting believes, get rid of them. Don’t always believe what the mind speaks, the drama it makes or the chatter it quotes. Take action and choose the path that leads to success and happiness.

Learn to control your mind since if you leave your limiting beliefs to disappear, it will be the largest mistake that will make you wait forever.

Acting despite the existence of limiting beliefs is the key. Just move on whatever the case!

#2 Build some Self-Confidence

You need to see yourself overcoming these kinds of limiting beliefs. Remember past valuable things you did whether big or small successes. Know that you can attain bigger things that those and it will help you realize that you have a lot to live for.

Exhibit your better self in every situation. Recap some of the confident moment you had about your abilities. Find comfort in the fact that you have survived and overcome various trials at numerous times. With that, you will know that even if you fall, you will rise up again.

It is also wonderful to come up with an “Achievement file.” File any positive letters, notes, compliments, emails, pictures and cards that display your strength. Some of the praises you received recorded in these things will make you feel somehow strong.

#3 Find Inspiration

Find people who you trust and can remain with you shoulder to shoulder no matter the situation. These can be in the form of trusted friends, family or colleague. Inquire about the qualities you have from them and let it stick to you.

Search for anything around you that is inspiring. Doing something positive just for yourself is crucial. Some of the activities include running or walking near nature, doing sports, meditating or reading motivational books or leadership books.

Let optimistic people surround you. They may stay where they are as long as they make you feel inspired or take you to places where you feel inspired and motivated. With that in mind, walk away or avoid being around people with negative energy or opinion. It is better to be alone than to keep a negative company.

#3 Participate in Positive Things

Do things you consider pleasurable- and your body will appreciate. It might be something you were passionate about in the past like watching an interesting movie, playing a guitar, singing, writing and more.

Trust the nice things that the universe offers. Meditate on the gift it offers and find comfort that you deserve them.

Keep your mind busy through engaging in a painting activity, learning a new language or perhaps volunteering in some good course. In that way, you will overcome most of the limiting beliefs since you will realize that it is easy to do things as long as you place your mind to them.

If you consider the tips given above, you will easily overcome limiting beliefs. Know that it all begins within the mind and believe you can perform, whatever the case.

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