June Linkspiration

New Linkspiration is up! Check out some of these great posts that I’ve come across in my wide reading:

  1. Don’t Overlook What Generation X Has to Offer in the Workplace: As employers, most of us overlook Gen Xers; we think that they do not have the talent we require for our company’s growth. But we might need a rethink!
  2. #ThatsNotLove. Welcome To The Fit List, Katie Hood – CEO of One Love Foundation
  3. The Biggest Mistakes Couples Make After Years Of Marriage: We’ve all heard the statistics. At least half of all marriages end in divorce. Yet, what are the specific mistakes that couples make, and at what year(s) in their relationship are they most likely to make them?
  4. GET DUMPED WITH GRACE (Savvy Love by Karin Jones): I once dated the nicest man in the world. Truly, he could have written ‘The Universal Syllabus of Kindness’.
  5. Get news 360: is a news portal covering most happening news across the world Headlines- World, Tech, Education Sports, Politics, Business, Auto and More.
  6. Body Positivity in New Orleans: Self Love in a Society of Self Loathing
  7. The Health Benefits Of Wearing Silver Jewellery: What benefits can a jewel really have? The studies are not conclusive and are largely related to the power of belief and mental suggestion, but the wearing of silver jewellery has health benefits.
  8. Internet Marketing For Plumbing Companies: We help the best plumbing companies around the nation with transparent online marketing services & real, measurable results. You’ll always know what we’re doing for you and be able to measure the effectiveness.
  9. 7 Snacks you must have at work to fight anxiety: After spending hours in front of the computer, anxiety attacks us. What can I eat now? Lunch is like in hours and going home seems so far away! You don’t have to starve. The key for a good diet is eating 6 times a day, so you must have snacks to kill anxiety.
  10. 125 Best Semicolon Tattoos And Their Meanings: Tattoos have long been a way of expressing one’s creativity and celebrating their uniqueness. Most of us probably pass hundreds of people bearing tattoos every single week of our lives, but never really give much thought to what they may mean. We just appreciate their beauty and admire them from afar.
  11. The Era of Digital Anxiety ( smart phone addiction) :When David Erickson leaves his home in Long Beach, California to spend several days on Panama’s southern coast, he also reluctantly gives up his smartphone.

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