August Linkspiration

New Linkspiration is up! Check out some of these great posts that I’ve come across in my wide reading:

1. Boost Capital has put together this ultimate glossary of 218 digital marketing terms to help you understand what all that techy marketing jargon means.

2. CrazyTechTricks is a Tech Tricks website where geeky people will be introduced to articles regarding various topics such as How To, Top 10, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and more. Subscribe to keep updated.

3. Guide to start an online business In case you have decided that you wanted to begin an online business, you might be highly enthusiastic to start providing the services or products that you have to the potential customers. Nonetheless, before you walk straight into starting an online business and running it, take the time to learn all about it.

4.Dynamic links: Connect with your customers in a smart way with Capsulink Smart URLs. Recognize and respond to your visitors at the moment of redirect by geolocation, language, device, date and time.

5. Parentswhoprofit There are lots of side hustles; some even need absolutely no particular skill or starting capital. You will make a lot in extra incomes, pay off your loans, or even afford good lifestyles for your kids.

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