10 Tips Start a T-Shirt Business in a Week

Many small business models are coming up lately and a few are on the trending list. T-shirt printing is one such business that many freelancers are opting for as it is both interesting and popular. If you are one of those individuals who wished to start your own T-shirt empire, then read further to get a few important tips before you set up;

  1. Decide Upon a Niche:

This is very important as in today’s world brands are known for their uniqueness hence if you do something generic then you will be lost in the crowd. Choose a theme for your t-shirt prints or only design for a particular age group or gender. Later on, you may expand your business area but initially stick to a niche.

  1. Brainstorm a Business Name:

You cannot start a business if you do not come up with a business name hence select a name for your brand which resonates with what it really is about. Choose something fun and informal, just like t-shirts. 

  1. Legalize Your Business:

Any business needs you to take certain permits hence speak to a legal person and get all the clearances making sure that you are not violating any rule.

  1. Write a Business Plan:

Selling t-shirts looks to be straight forward, but it is actually not. You are not the only one venturing into this, there are many other freelancers plunging into this business hence create a t-shirt business plan which is unique and organized for things to run smoothly.

  1. Create Unique Designs for Your T-shirts:

You cannot start a t-shirt business without unique design ideas hence give a lot of time and thought to create designs for the t-shirts. Stick to your idea of the niche and work accordingly.

  1. Get Your T-shirt Designs Validated:

You may like the design you have made, but it needs to be tested and validated by others as well to ensure if your designs are really good hence give some sample designs to your friends and family to check their reactions and tweak your designs accordingly.

  1. Protect Your Design from Getting Copied:

You have put in a lot of effort to create unique designs and you would obviously not want them to be stolen hence protect your design via copyright or trademark.

  1. Decide the Cost of Your T-shirts:

Next step is to decide the price of your t-shirts. Maybe do not price it too high initially but be sure to make profits out of your quoted price.

  1. Choose the Right T-Shirt Supplier:

Choosing the right t-shirt supplier is also important as your t-shirt quality needs to be the best for you to get repeated customers. People do not just buy one t-shirt but keep buying it frequently hence if your customers are hooked on to your brand then the profits can reach through the roof.

  1. Market Your T-shirts:

Now, you have decided your company name and printed your t-shirts; you need to start marketing your t-shirts via creating your own website and reach your customers via social media and e-commerce websites.


Selling t-shirts online is a competitive niche hence make sure to use these tips to be different from the crowd so that your customers notice your brand.

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