Here are pointers to some useful we’ve encountered.

1.) Noobpreneur – Is an award winning small business online magazine offering tips and ideas for small business owners and those who want to enter entrepreneurship with the right mindset. Our audience is mainly small business owners and business professionals.

2.) Flipsnack – If you want to creat digital magazines or interactive online catalogs you need to try Flipsnack. You can create a digital flipbook from scratch or you can simply upload and convert PDF files to flipbooks that have a professional page turning effect.
Flipsnack is a complete publishing solution and you can choose from more than 20 ways to use it: digital magazines, newspapers, brochures, ebooks, catalogs, e-zines, reports and more.

3.) Forgeandsmith – They are here to build a custom website that works for you right now, and can grow with your business. To approach every project with a passion for the details. By emphasizing careful planning before design, they strive to bring out the best possible website experience for your audience.

4.) Biz Epic – They believe that the business world should not be boring; entrepreneurs need to be creative in facing daily challenges. Boring content doesn’t really help in their endeavor; inspirational quotes, smart case studies and great videos do.

5.) Email Marketing Comparison – Are you looking to get started with email marketing? In this article, we will compare Mailchimp to two common alternatives: Campaign Monitor and Omnisend.

6.) Social Media Character Counter Tool – You don’t have to count your characters anymore when you want to publish the same text on different social media channels.
This useful social media character counter tool will show you in real-time how many characters there are left for the most popular social media channels like: Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube or Facebook.

7.) Topleft Booking – Top Left Booking is the fastest way for musicians to find venues in their area, book national tours, and secure gigs anywhere in the United States. (A lot like google maps, but for music booking!).

8.) Roofstock – The rental property calculator delivering insight into any homes rental potential.

9.) Bridge Global – a bunch of wonderful IT talents, who work together to consistently deliver top-notch software solutions.

10.) Articulate Marketing Branding – Offer marketing strategies and design support, such as logos, to help you stand out.

11.) Articulate Marketing Websites – Integrated HubSpot websites, simple page copy improvements and on-page optimisation.

12.) Growth vs scaling: What’s the difference and why does it matter? – In this article, we’ll explore the differences between growth and scaling. We’ll also dive into some key challenges for scaling companies, and what companies need to do to achieve that insane growth.

13.) The Benefits of Remote Jobs – Remote jobs have many benefits to offer, from flexibility all the way through to their being no commute. Within this article I will highlight a few of these benefits!

14.) HR Software for Small Business – Provides a complete HR program that can stand-alone or work alongside specialized packages. They don’t do payroll but integrate with many of the popular payroll/accounting packages.

15.) Car Manuals – Our vision is to bring quick and reliable information to everyone about their vehicle. We are doing this through the compilation of the world’s most complete and accurate database of car owner’s manuals. Check out their blogs too!

16.) SEMrush – SEMRush is a highly recommended SEO Tool to optimize your website’s SEO performance. Before choosing this SEO Tool, you may wish for a hands-on experience.

17.) DesignWebKit – is a design news blog featuring web design & development articles, as well as useful tutorials on digital marketing.

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