How choosing a hybrid mobile app can benefit your business

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Waiting for your food to arrive ordered on Zomato? Browsing Amazon and Flipkart for online shopping? Waiting for the sequel of your favorite show on Netflix? Booking cabs for hanging out with your friends? Scanning QR codes to pay for your groceries?

Mobile apps have created a virtual world where billion-dollar companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Uber, and Netflix stay as apps in our mobile phone.

All these MNCs saw mobile application a potential way of reaching customers and now it’s your turn! In this discussion, we’ll be looking forward to some of the biggest reasons of how owning a hybrid mobile application will benefit your business.

Why do companies having websites can attract more customers?

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Let’s begin this with a question- for booking a cab, would you prefer to go to a taxi stand or you just open the app and book a cab? Virtual is a new reality.

According to consumer shopping trends 2019, over 57% of consumers prefer online shopping over visiting a store, while just 31% prefer going to a complex or a market for shopping.

With online dominating the offline, websites are a great tool for attracting customers. Some of the reasons behind this preference are:

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  • Convenience

Just sitting on the couch, you can-

  • Browse the trending products,
  • Avail exciting offers, g
  • Get to know about the sales and discounts at your favorite store,
  • Order products, and much more.

In the era of back-breaking competition, providing convenience with quality makes your brand stand-out among other sellers providing you an upper hand.

  • Assistance and feedback

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A mobile application bridges the gap between the company and the customer by creating a two-way connection between the two. If you are facing any issue with your recharge pack or SIM related services, you just need to put the query on your service provider’s app and you get a reply within 48 hours. You rate the cab driver as soon as your trip has ended. Thus, with a mobile application, the company solves the consumer’s problems as well as takes feedback from them.

  • Cancellation and refund

Companies provide an option for canceling orders through applications. If you have mistakenly ordered a product and want to cancel it, you can do it on the application. If you have already paid for the product through a credit card/debit card/wallet/e-banking, etc, your refund will be initiated in a few working days.

  • Tracking

A mobile sales app makes it easy to know the status of your order/service. You can check the status of your order, track your cab, etc. The government also provides tracking of insurances, driving licenses, etc through mobile applications.

Benefits of having a hybrid website

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If you own a shop or a company, having a versatile app versus a simple website will prove to be a turning point for your business. You can reach out to your customers in several ways, a mobile application being the finest option. Here are some reasons how owning a hybrid app will benefit your business.

Mobile application as an Opportunity

Over 92% of the US retail sales happen offline

With offline sales dominating the online, a website can be seen as an opportunity for expansion. By creating a hybrid website, you can attract a large number of customers if your website is attractive enough to lure the customers.

The buyers who prefer offline shopping online are likely to have this leverage because of the following reasons:

  • Can touch or feel the product
  • Instead gratification
  • Worried about privacy
  • Save shipping cost
  • Easier and cheaper returns
  • others

If your website can remove the above hindrances, a mobile application can prove to be a turning point for your business.

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  • Hybrid apps are much cost-effective than a web mobile app.
  • Also, if planning a complete switch to e-commerce, operating through a hybrid mobile app is much cheaper than a brick and mortar business.
  • You need not spend on buying land and infrastructure.

Thus, you can start a business with low investment.

Wider and easier reach

  • With an impressive mobile application design, you can remove all the geographical restrictions and do an unconfined business.
  • A mobile application helps you reach a large section of consumers, thus, enabling you to develop a large consumer base.
  • The consumers get intimated about your products, deals, and offers.

Offline support

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  • One of the prime highlights of hybrid apps is offline support.
  • Unlike native apps, the basic functioning of a hybrid app does not require any internet access. You can access the data even with poor connectivity.
  • The apps work perfectly even in offline mode.


Hybrid apps are the future of the business world. These apps confer a lot of advantages to the firm as well to the customers. If you are planning to expand your business in other domestic and international markets, resorting to hybrid apps will prove to be a profitable investment.


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