Best WordPress Influencer Apps

Influencer marketing is one of the quickest ways to promote your business. These days, it is no longer enough to demonstrate how your product works. It also helps to have influencers review your products for you. By doing this action, you are not only enabling honest feedback. You are also opening your brand to more traffic and sales opportunities.

In this article, you’ll learn 10 WordPress Influencer apps that you can use to give your business that influencer promotion boost. 


OSI Affiliate Software

If you want to get more influencers to promote your business, you may want to use some affiliate software to help you. Not only can this help you give influencers a target affiliate link that they can use, but it can also help you to track the performance of your campaigns accurately. The problem with most influencer campaigns is that there is no way to track how well influencers promote your brand. But if you have affiliate software, you can start tracking your movements from its launch.

If you are looking for reliable software, you can try OSI Affiliate. OSI Affiliate has been in the business for years. Over time, its developers have improved the software to include features that are relevant to the times. From allowing you to host influencer campaigns to facilitating social media promotions, it got you covered. Influencers also get to have a dedicated promo code that they can use to promote your campaigns. On top of all of these, it can also integrate with more than WordPress websites. It can again go well with Shopify, BigCommerce, and other eCommerce platforms


Sailthru Customer Retention Cloud

If there’s one thing that Sailthru does correctly, it is email marketing. It understands that it takes more than mere promotions to reach your ideal customers. You have to keep your communication lines open and consistent. One of the best ways to do this is through email marketing. It allows you to reach an audience that gave their credentials to communicate with you. This action is enough to get your audience to open your emails and be more open to your promotions just like what Drum Set Lab did. 



If you need more than a marketing tool, you’ll love Intense Cart. This tool helped Hunting Bow Lab with more than just influencer marketing. It also gives you an online storefront and other valuable features such as inventory management, payment processing, analytics, and reporting. It is excellent for businesses who are still setting up their store, giving the essential infrastructure for an online business and some marketing tools. 



Data-driven marketing is the next big thing, unlike in the old days when marketing blindly or guessing whether a marketing method will succeed. We now have data-driven marketing where you can track all of your data to predict what to do next. Jepto is just the tool for that. From task automation to performance tracking of your methods and ads, Jepto allows you to see how your marketing campaigns are doing in terms of numbers. 



Have you ever wanted to see your marketing processes visually? You can start with MindFire studio. With this tool, you can see all of your campaign workflows in one place. From your email marketing and social media marketing efforts to SMS and microsites, MindFire studio allows you to see and automate all of your processes in one place. 

The best thing about this tool is it has a White Label Program. So if you want to send reports in your brand, you can do so if you buy the license. With this system, you can plan your marketing efforts and create procedures that other business owners can follow in one convenient tool. 



If you are running an education business, you will need to continually gather data about your clients to understand if your company could assist them. You will need to be able to track customer journeys and how your tasks impact your audience. ExtraaEdge is the right tool for this because it helps you with all of these and more. It is one of the best education CRM tools that you need. 



Why are people not opening your emails? It is not just because of the boring title. Who they receive their emails from matters just as much as the topic of the email. However, you will need to do your part if you want to encourage more people to open your emails. Flodesk is just what you need if you’re going to spruce up your email design template. 



Narrators understand that influencer marketing is not limited to the big names in the industry. It also includes micro-influencers. Having many people talk about your brand is more potent than having one influencer mention you in their feed. It is the power of referrals. With more people promoting you, you’ll have more chances to appear in their inner circle and get more leads and sales. 


Inbound Marketing

You will like Unbound Marketing because of its all-in-one feature. You will get a CRM along with marketing tools and automation. Plus, you get to track the performance of your campaigns right inside the platform. You’ll find that you can use it for more than just influencer marketing. It is also quite useful for other campaigns. It is only right because you will need to mix your marketing methods to get better results. 


Point2 Agent

Point2 Agent is the go-to solution for real estate marketing professionals. It is like a marketing tool but made especially for the real estate niche. The real estate industry is rapidly expanding online. If you want to supplement the websites and other channels, you can always count on Point2 Agent to help you get more traffic or leads to your website. 


Bonus tip: Contacting influencers is not always a smooth ride, and sometimes you might just end up having a hard time finding their contact information. A good email search tool can help you with this issue, and you can check out this review of email lookup tools from Costofincome for the best ones out there.


So that ends the list of WordPress Influencer apps. Influencer marketing should be a crucial part of your marketing, and you can do it better with some apps. With these tools, you can easily launch your campaigns and contact relevant influencers to promote your products and services. 

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