How Important Is A Business Name For Startups?

The US Small Business Administration recommends that businesses, “choose a business name that reflects your brand identity and doesn’t clash with the types of goods and services you offer”. They also recommend that creativity and market research should go into the process of developing a business name. 

This will ensure that a business name is not only unique and catchy but an effective tool for marketing as well. A business’s name is the foundation of a business’s brand identity and brand identity is incredibly important in the modern business environment. Customers can decide on which products or services they wish to purchase solely based on a brand’s identity. This is why a business name is so important for any business. 


How a Business Name Generator Can Help Agencies And Founders Alike: 

There are many ways in which a business name generator can be helpful for a marketing agency and these will be discussed below. 

Brainstorming Tool 

Developing a compelling and original business name is a difficult task and even knowing where to start can be challenging for the most seasoned professionals. This is where a business name generator comes in handy. A business name generator will provide a list of hundreds if not thousands of business names to choose from. 

This can provide a marketing agency with the perfect name for a client or it can be used as a jumping off point to further develop upon a concept which the business name generator has provided. A business name generator can cut down on hours of brainstorming and provide solid results increasing both the quality of the business name and the efficiency of the process. 

Domain Names 

An essential part of a business’s operation is developing their online presence. The first step in this process is obtaining a domain name which is suited to the business and the business’s name. Business name generators are very useful in this regard as they often include domain name availability next to the business names which they produce. This removes the unnecessary legwork of checking whether the .com URL for a business name is available and increases both the efficiency and convenience of this essential step of the branding process. 

Develop Catchy, Industry Specific Business Names 

Some business name generators allow for the input of the industry which the business operates in. This allows for the creation of names which are more specific to the type of business which the client operates. As a result the business names will be relevant to the industry and make it easier for marketing agencies to effectively brand the business name for the market of the business. A fantastic example of this are Hims, a medical company who focus on selling and education men on ED Medications and other products that might help them.

Additionally, a business name generator will increase the ease with which a catchy name can be created. This is very useful for marketing agencies as it makes their responsibilities easier because the foundation of their marketing strategy is sound. It also makes it easier for the marketing agency to produce accessible and easily digestible advertising as the business name is catchy and easy to understand. 


TRUiC Business Name Generator 

The Really Useful Information Company (TRUiC) has created a sophisticated business name generator which is powered with AI technology. This business name generator requires at least two keywords which the business would like in its name or are relevant to the company in some way. The industry in which the business operates must then be selected for optimal results. The tool also has an optional step to add a location for better localization and SEO. The business name generator then instantly generates hundreds of business names for free based on this information which a marketing agency can use as is or as a springboard for further ideation. 

Copyright: TRUiC

Final Thoughts 

A business’s name is a fundamental aspect of a businesses identity as a brand and a foundational facet of any marketing strategy. Research also shows that the name of a business plays a crucial role in brand recognition. That is why a business name is so important and why marketing agencies should use every tool at their disposal to create the best business names possible for their clients. 

The example business name generator we discussed here, is one such tool which can greatly assist marketing agencies in creating catchy and compelling business names for their clients. The business name generator can also greatly increase the efficiency of the name creation process as well as the quality of the name which the agency produces. This allows the marketing strategy to be built on a solid foundation and makes the process of marketing easier and more effective overall. 

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