The Bad Habits Holding You Back

You probably hear all the time about the good habits you are supposed to have, but what about the bad habits that are quietly affecting your everyday life in major ways?

These destructive habits could be keeping you from finding fulfillment, keeping you from personal peace, quality relationships, and career achievements. These bad habits could be some small but easy to get rid of, or they could be lifelong bad decisions that you have been making for years.

Are you ready to get some of these poor choices out of your life for good? Let’s get started.

Beginning your day the right way:

Do you start the day by waking up and hitting the snooze button on your alarm five or six times, dreading the moment for you to get out of bed? What about when you wake up and spend the first 30 minutes of the day in bed staring at social media? This is the time of day when you should be the most clearheaded, without the constant distractions or the stress of the day to cloud your thoughts, this is the time of day to really set your mind on the right track.

If you’re wasting this part of the day trying to get twenty more minutes of poor-quality, interrupted sleep, or by mindlessly looking at the photos some high school classmate put up last night, you are wasting the opportunity to accomplish big things.

Break the habit:

Get out of bed as soon as your alarm goes off and start your day on the right foot. Spend fifteen minutes journaling or reading a book. Make a list of goals that you have for that day or visualize everything you’re going to accomplish. Go for a quick jog to wake up your mind and body.

I used to be a snooze button fan and I was also the person who starts generating ideas right before the end of the working day. That was before I realized that I waste the entire day trying to focus on my work and then have to stay long hours because I was so unproductive. I downloaded a sleep tracker app and started to gradually move my bedtime up. And it helped! Now no one in my team suffers because of my disrupted schedule, not a single soul in ClassyEssay!” — Kristin Savage, contributing writer

Fix your workday:

What about when you get to work? Do you watch the clock all day, checking it every ten minutes? Do you spend the day trying to make time pass faster by taking frequent breaks and looking at your phone whenever you can?

This harms you because instead of accomplishing things and having a productive day, you’re wasting eight hours wishing the day was over. Free time tracking app can be a great starting point for changing this tendency. The one we recommend is called Timecamp.

If you work from home and find yourself exploring some new, bad habits, you should consider introducing new items to your work routine. Insert a new piece of fitness equipment, like a good treadmill, into your office and make an effort to stay active throughout your work-week at home.

Break the habit:

Instead of wasting your time at work, think of ways to improve your day. If you hate your job, it’s probably time to start looking for a new one. If you don’t mind your company and want to stay, it’s time to start trying to improve your current position of even move to a new one that you enjoy more. Maybe your boss is looking for the next person to promote, and all they need to see is a little initiative from you to catch their attention.

By treating your workday as more than just something you need to “get through” it can become a time of endless opportunities to improve and reach your next goal.

After work:

What do you do when you’re done with work? Do you just go home and lay on the couch? Turn on the TV and zone out for a few hours? It’s so easy to get home and decide all you want to do is unwind. It’s really appealing. But you need to change your mindset, because there are more ways to unwind that involve more than sitting around doing something mindless. If the only thing you’re doing all day is going to work and then sitting around at home, where is your investment in to yourself coming from? You can’t invest in your personal life from the couch. Try to read this how to improve your social health.

Break the habit:

Try something new, maybe going to the gym or joining a sports league could be your new after-work activity. This can improve personal development is both beneficial to your health and social life. You could start taking a class, learn to play an instrument and take lessons, or meet a friend for dinner and some quality conversation. All of these activities can be relaxing and simultaneously offer you the chance to improve who you are as a person and become successful in life.

It’s not easy to break a bad habit, but it can be less difficult and more productive to replace that bad habit with a new, good habit. You don’t have to do a complete life overhaul in a single day, take it slow and tackle one thing at a time. This will prevent possible burnout, and when you start to see results, it will boost your motivation to change even more!

Remember that it takes at least two weeks to form a new habit, so use that chunk of time to make a manageable goal. Don’t skip a single day for those two weeks, and at the end, your new habit can feel just as natural to you as waking up in the morning. It simply becomes part of your routine. And suddenly you’re making steps towards a better you, and a better life. It’s as easy as that.

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