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Top 7+ Mobile Accounting Software in 2021

Day by day mobile is becoming an important tool to transform our lives and enhance our being. Technology has enhanced our lifestyle and made it easier. It has not only made our lives easier but has also developed it in some way or the other. In this dynamic lifestyle, it is difficult to maintain a record of everything that happens in our daily lives. Similar is the case with businesses. There are a large number of transactions that take place every day. It is difficult for the accountant to record it all manually. Therefore to ease their lives, many best accounting software has been developed. These mobile accounting softwares record transactions in the book of prime entry i.e. journal. Prepare their ledger accounts and interpret them further to prepare a trial balance, profit, and loss account and balance sheet to know the actual profit earned by the business during an accounting period.


Here is a list of top mobile accounting software in 2021:


SoftLedger empowers growing companies to operate more efficiently and make smarter decisions by providing real-time visibility to critical financial data.

Their cloud-native accounting software and APIs help organizations manage their distributed operations and assets. This includes a full-featured general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory management, crypto asset management, and more.


Quick books

It is a GST based accounting software. It provides a complete record of the recurring expenses, invoices, and other banking options. It is developed by intuit. It provides a ready-made straight jacket solution to all the business problems in one place. It manages accounts based on the double-entry system of accounting. It is one of the best options to be used as mobile accounting software in 2021. It is especially suitable for small and medium businesses. It provides both Windows and Mac versions for desktop and offers a cloud version for mobiles. It has been updated over time to keep pace with the changing tax structure and business frames. It is quite difficult to use quick books by a normal business person. One is bound to take tutorials and guides to use it properly. It is the most popular version to date and its cost ranges from $5 to $25 per month.



 It is controlled by 2ndsite inc. It is a cloud computing mobile accounting software developed in 2004 by Mike McDerment. It supports many operating systems like Windows 10, Mac Os, Windows 8, Windows 2000, Linux, etc. it has been updated and developed in such a way that the users can change it and use it according to their country, currency, and language. Versions of this product fulfill the requirements of international users in around 120 nations. It has a responsive mobile design and optimizes expense tracking. It is also one of the best solutions for small businesses. It helps in processing data easily and also develops financial reports at least time.



 It is the best cloud-first version which can be bought on It involves 24/7 live chat to solve consumer queries and problems. It has huge integrations with more than 630 integrations to help the owners in managing invoicing, inventory, payroll, and many other things. Its cost ranges from $9 to $180 from the starter version to the premium 100 plan. It can track money and time usage for specific projects and also calculate the extra costs which are being incurred by business organizations. Thus, it is the best option for users who are not able to satisfy themselves from Quickbooks online mobile accounting software.


Sage business cloud accounting

It is a mobile accounting software aimed to ease the way of doing business for small and medium businesses as well as for the self-employed. It was developed by the sage group in 2011 in the UK and Ireland and has been updated with recent features over the years. It helps businesses in collecting money, pay bills, and increase payrolls as the business expands. Sage business cloud is a good choice for all those businesses which need to diversify their operations and don’t add much burden to their employees for they can use it to solve all their problems.



 It is an integrated accounting solution for businesses like self-employed and small business organizations. It has a bank reconciliation feature and conducts real banking transactions via bank accounts of the users. This mobile accounting software offers most of the benefits to users without any extra charge. It integrates and makes the users get information about both personal and professional accounts in one place. It is extremely preferred for basic needs and also provides free invoicing. It only charges money for some of the bookkeeping tools such as payroll and payment processing services which involve third party transactions. Wave mobile accounting software can easily be bought and downloaded from


Zoho books

Zoho Books is a GST friendly mobile accounting software. Its cost varies from $9 to $19 from basic to a standard level and from $19 to $29 from standard to professional level. This mobile accounting software is an integrated platform for various users all over the world which offers every aspect of business and accounting at a single place. Right from negotiating the deals with the customers to making payment and advancing payrolls, Zoho books mobile accounting software is the best one to be used to do work both efficiently and effectively. It is especially feasible for those businesses which do not have a wide customer base and complex deals. It collaborates with many apps and makes deals that are suitable on both ends. It offers wide-ranging features like manual journal entries, inventory management, automated banking, and also prepares financial statements of a business concern. It has automated payment reminder alerts that arise when your clients are not making payments at a specific time.



Small businesses need to grow more as compared to large business organizations. It is more than mobile accounting software to small and medium business organizations. As needs and opportunities change, there is always a scope for a lot more which the small business concerns have to keep pace with. From its dashboard, you can sync all your required information and dealings which are essential to grow a business and manage its operations.  This mobile accounting software provides you with many options which include tracking your contract details, managing your work operations, managing invoices and payrolls, meeting the requirements of customers, advising business organizations the ways to expand their operations, updating workflows, answering the queries and guiding small business organizations to move on smoothly without any difficulty. It can be purchased easily at with monthly charges of $37. There are special discounts on annual and more commitments. It is a ready tool that suits all the requirements of small and medium-sized organizations under a single roof.



Mobile dealings are considered much easier than desktop uses for business organisations. You can use all the features of bookkeeping at a single touch. All the business organizations either hire professionals or use this software to establish their front in accounting and keep up data from various other people who remain in contact with them. It suits all their requirements of generating revenues, tracking expenses (whether prepaid or outstanding), and knowing their actual expenditure and profit. Generating a balance sheet is a complex task which also becomes much easier with the help of these mobile accounting softwares. Small and medium business organizations can use these mobile accounting softwares to diversify their area of operation.



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