AI and automation in sales: experts and founders weigh in 🤖

Many sales professionals worry that the widespread use of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation will take away the personal touch. Now don’t despair just yet — experts say there’s room for both technology and creativity in a successful sales strategy.

To get an insider’s perspective on how to best utilize automation and AI in sales, we’ve spoken with experienced sales professionals and startup founders whose companies leverage these technologies daily. Get ready to learn how you can use the power of AI and automation to optimize your current sales process!


Experts’ and Founders’ Thoughts on AI and Automation in Sales

In today’s digital world, AI and automation are rapidly changing the way we do sales. To get a better understanding of how to leverage these technologies effectively in your own sales process, it is important to understand what experts and founders have to say on the subject.



1. AI drives innovation in sales. 

“AI opens you a whole new universe of innovative ideation possibilities, particularly in sales. It provides data-driven insights for crafting cold call scripts, managing objections, and generating sales emails. We can develop more effective and focused sales strategies that produce tangible outcomes by utilizing AI.”

Joseph Louis Tan, Head of Product Design at ContactOut

AI has revolutionized sales with data-driven insights, effective objection handling, and individualized solutions. The technology enables sales teams to produce more persuasive cold call scripts and effective strategies, as well as customized cold email campaigns with highly-targeted messaging.

AI can identify frequent objections by analyzing client data, allowing sales teams to close deals successfully. Businesses must adopt this technology if they want to remain competitive since; it can give them useful insights into the behavior and preferences of their customers. 

Furthermore, AI enables companies to evaluate massive volumes of data, create winning sales strategies, and enhance overall sales effectiveness. With the help of AI, companies can increase sales and stand out in today’s competitive market.



2. AI is becoming indistinguishable from real humans.

“Imagine every encounter you have with a sales rep, is a clone of the original. Right now, AI can mirror their writing, AI can recreate their face on video, and AI can correct their failures. Does it matter that we’re buying from AI if we can’t tell the difference between real and fake?”

– Matt Lo, CEO at ChipBot

The fear that AI is about to steal jobs from people is not completely unfounded. AI technology is simply getting smarter and more human-like every day, sometimes even bordering the uncanny.

However, AI should not be seen as a salesperson’s enemy. Instead, it should be viewed as yet another tool to help them get their job done.

In particular, sales professionals can use AI to take mundane tasks out of their hands, leaving them free to focus on building relationships with their clients. In this way, AI is not going to replace salespeople but, instead, make them more efficient at their job.



3. Automation, alongside web scraping and AI technologies, can up your sales game.

“Automation and web scraping help the best SDR teams grow their outreach by combining different data sources and automating time-consuming tasks to gain an edge in sales. AI is going to help teams improve their results further with new personalization options that work at scale, such as personalized emails and follow ups based on data the AI knows about the prospects”

– Chris Closset, CMO and Co-founder at Hexact

Automation and web scraping can streamline the efforts of SDR teams, both in terms of email outreach and data collection. Meanwhile, they can tap AI to analyze the vast amounts of data gathered, allowing sales teams to better understand their prospects and run highly targeted email outreach campaigns.

AI takes things a step further, providing a wide range of options and opportunities to personalize email content based on the analyzed lead data. It can use the information to create personalized emails and follow-up messages tailored to each prospect’s specific needs and interests.

Overall, the combination of sales automation, AI, and web scraping technologies can help SDR teams be more effective and targeted in their outreach efforts. By leveraging these tools, sales teams can gain an edge in a highly competitive market and ultimately drive more revenue for their organization.



4. AI and automation will make sales teams more efficient and effective.

“AI and automation will potentially enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of sales processes. For example, AI-powered chatbots could handle basic customer inquiries, freeing up sales representatives to focus on higher-level tasks. Automated lead scoring and qualification can also help sales teams prioritize their efforts and target the most promising opportunities.

Overall, it’s likely that AI and automation will continue to play an increasingly important role in sales in the coming years. Sales professionals who can adapt to these new technologies and find ways to leverage them to improve their performance are likely to be the most successful.”

– Kunwarpal Singh, Marketing Manager at Daffodil Software

Without a doubt, AI and automation are rapidly transforming the sales landscape. Sales teams should integrate these technologies into their process to be able to work faster and more effectively while still providing a personal touch that customers appreciate.

As AI advances and becomes more sophisticated, sales reps who learn how to use it will have an advantage over those stuck in traditional methods. Having a streamlined sales process and the ability to quickly work with vast amounts of data is essential for them to stay ahead of the competition.

However, AI and automation should never replace human interaction. After all, the most effective way to build relationships with customers is still through one-on-one conversations and building meaningful, human connections.



5. Email marketers will benefit from AI and sales automation.

“AI enables personalization in email marketing and helps to analyze data to create a better, more personalized content for subscribers. It helps track things such as better performing subject lines, best times to send an email, how people interact with emails and many more. AI and automations make sales trams more efficient, emails sent more targeted and personalized and processed more optimized.”

– Alicja Olko, Outreach Specialist at VoilaNorbert

Cold emails are alive and well, and email marketers can gain a lot from the implementation of AI in sales and automated sales processes. As previously noted, AI-based tools can help them personalize their emails and analyze data to create content to better engage customers. 

On the other hand, automation will enable email marketers to simplify their campaigns and optimize the volume of emails sent. This gives them many opportunities to create a superb customer experience and increase conversion rates. 

As email marketing and sales automation become more intertwined, AI will play a central role in helping marketers become better at their craft. With the right tools and strategies, they can use AI and automation to create a more effective, efficient and successful sales process.



6. AI and automation can deliver personalization at scale.

“At Community Phone, we have seen firsthand how AI and automation can improve business operations. With the help of AI-powered tools, we can deliver more accurate coverage address checks for our home phone service, which ensures that we can provide service to our customers.

We have also been able to personalize our support questions using AI chatbots, which has improved our customer satisfaction rates and allowed us to handle more inquiries promptly. Overall, AI and automation will continue to play an essential role in the success of our business and the sales industry.”

– Sam Molony, Senior Marketing Specialist at Community Phone

One of the key benefits of AI and automation in sales is the ability to gather and analyze large amounts of data quickly and accurately. They can help sales teams make informed decisions, identify trends, and target specific customers or markets more effectively.

In addition, AI and automation can streamline the sales process, allowing sales reps to focus on building relationships with customers and closing deals rather than performing repetitive administrative tasks.


7. AI is a salesperson’s friend

“AI must be used to fill in the gaps — something that you, as a salesperson, cannot do instinctively. Use it to get existing data, insightful research, competitor strategies, and industry standards. When you have these bases covered, do what you are good at it — analyzing that data and drawing buyer personas and sales strategies customized for the needs of your organization. Own it!If you make AI your comrade, it will not become your enemy, as many fear!”

– Hricha Shandily, Growth Lead at Chatwoot

In sales, AI can be a valuable tool to help reps gain insights and develop better strategies. Salespeople can use AI to gather existing data and conduct research to get an in-depth understanding of their customers and prospects.

This data can then be used to create buyer personas and sales strategies tailored to the needs of the organization.  It can also help sales reps identify the best times and channels to reach customers, as well as which products or services to promote.

Then, they can use an AI presentation maker to show off their offers to the audience. Tools of this kind will save them a lot of time, while still keeping their presentation visually appealing and in line with their brand style.

In short, when used properly, AI is a salesperson’s friend. It helps them increase productivity and efficiency while delivering better results. By leveraging AI, companies can ensure their reps stay ahead of the competition.


8. AI automates sales processes and helps sales teams close more deals.

“Artificial intelligence (AI) encompasses many technologies, including machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, deep learning, and more. These technologies, at the most basic level, help machines perform certain cognitive activities, sometimes better than humans.

With AI technology, businesses can improve the sales process from start to finish. AI does this by automating many aspects of the sales process, freeing your sales team to focus on closing deals. This could include automatically classifying potential customers based on their prospects, analyzing previous successful sales communications to identify patterns, evaluating cross-selling opportunities, and more.”

– Sophia Evans, SEO Specialist at DSers

AI can be used to automate many sales processes, allowing sales reps to focus on closing deals and building relationships with customers rather than manual tasks. AI-based tools can provide insights into potential customer classifications, automated email campaigns, cross-selling opportunities and more.

By leveraging AI-based tools, companies can ensure their sales reps are more efficient and effective in their tasks. AI can also help personalize customer communication, automate content creation and analyze customer data to improve customer engagement.

Overall, AI can be a powerful tool for sales reps. It can help them become more productive and efficient while delivering better results. With the right strategies and tools, AI-based sales processes can help companies close more deals and increase their bottom line.


9. AI tools improve customer service and increase revenue.

“At SEO Tools Centre, we are keen in helping our clients refine and boost their online presence with our intuitive SEO tools. One of them is our Free AI Sentence Rewriter that uses artificial intelligence technology to help our users produce unique and engaging content with greater accuracy and precision. Our AI-powered tools have definitely helped us provide better customer service, thereby increasing our sales and revenue.”

– AHMAD Shahzad, CEO at SEO Tools Centre

AI-based customer service tools can be used to automate simple requests, like responding to FAQs or providing basic information about products and services. They can also analyze customer data and provide personalized recommendations that demonstrate value with their purchase.

By leveraging AI-powered automation tools, companies can reduce response times and improve the customer service experience. This can result in increased customer loyalty and higher conversion rates, leading to more sales and revenue for the organization.


10. AI can help sales reps generate ideas.

“Generative AI is an ideas machine. It’s really, really good at ideating and building ~70% of an email template, value proposition, or basic elevator pitch. From that foundation, sales reps can tweak the voice to make it sound like them (crucially important) and customize it to a particular use case. The prompts are great for getting the gears turning in a salesperson’s mind and kickstarting the message creation process.”

– AJ Alonzo, Director of Marketing at demandDrive

AI-based tools can generate ideas for sales reps in no time. This helps them get their creative juices flowing, allowing them to create effective messaging fast.

In addition to giving them what they need to create their own unique messages, AI-based tools can also provide sales reps with additional insights about the customer. This lets them craft more targeted and personalized messages tailored to the customer’s needs.


11.  AI and automation let sales teams focus on tasks that truly matter.

“AI and automation are expected to revolutionize the sales process in 2023, allowing companies to automate mundane tasks, streamline decision-making processes, and be more proactive in identifying and targeting customers. This will enable sales teams to focus on higher-value activities and provide customers with a personalized and engaging experience, thus resulting in increased customer loyalty and higher conversions.”

– Haykuhi Khodjabaghyan, Link Building Manager at

AI and automation can free up time for sales teams by automating mundane tasks like data entry and customer segmentation. This will allow them to focus on activities that truly matter, such as building relationships with customers and understanding their needs.

By leveraging AI-powered automation tools, sales teams can become more efficient and effective. This will result in improved customer service, increased conversions, and higher revenue for the company.


12. The human element remains important.

“It’s important for businesses to strike a balance between automation and human interaction to ensure that customers feel valued and heard. Overall, I see AI and automation as valuable assets in the sales industry, enabling sales teams to work more efficiently and effectively.”

– Almin Valyani, Digital Marketing Head at ARMember Plugin

Even with the help of AI and automation, the human element is still an important component of successful sales. Ultimately, customers want to feel like they are interacting with real people who understand their needs and can provide them with personalized solutions.

The combination of AI and automation can help sales teams become more efficient and effective, while still allowing for the human element that customers crave. In this way, companies can maximize their sales results and drive revenue growth.


13. Humans get to focus more on the creative aspects of sales.

“AI has already dramatically changed the marketing and sales industries, but especially in 2023, with the development of natural language processing and predictive analytics, the role of human employees in manual work will decrease significantly. It’s exciting that AI will be able to take on many of the manual responsibilities, leaving the creative aspects to humans.”

– Hovhannes Serobyan, Outreach Manager at EthicalSEO

As AI and automation continue to progress, human employees will be able to focus more on the creative aspects of sales. This will free up their time so that they can think more strategically about how best to engage customers and solve their problems.

The combination of AI-driven automation and the strategic insights of humans will enable businesses to make more informed decisions, develop better customer service strategies, and drive greater success in their sales efforts.


14. Email personalization is much easier with AI.

“Writing personalized pitches for outreach campaigns has become easier thanks to artificial intelligence. In addition, I collect low volume keywords and questions from users for a FAQ block, and find questions that competitors have not used.”

– Elena Osipova, Head of SEO at GetProspect email finder

AI is transforming the way that businesses engage with customers through email. With AI-powered automation, sales teams can create personalized emails that are tailored to each customer’s individual needs. This will improve customer engagement and loyalty, resulting in higher conversion rates.

Plus, AI-driven automation can quickly generate FAQ blocks which contain questions that competitors have not used. This will make it easy for sales teams to stay ahead of the competition and provide customers with better service.


15. We should welcome and leverage AI.

“AI and automation are transforming the sales industry, offering new opportunities to improve efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness. With the rise of intelligent sales automation tools, sales professionals can now analyze large volumes of data to gain deeper insights into customer behavior and preferences, enabling them to make more informed decisions. I believe AI should be welcomed and utilized to it’s fullest potential.

A good example of why the sales industry should embrace AI: with AI-powered chatbots, companies can automate certain aspects of the sales process, such as lead generation and qualification, allowing them to engage with customers 24/7. Because of this, I do not believe we will lose the human touch except we become too lazy and complacent. Overall, AI and automation have the potential to revolutionize the sales industry by streamlining processes, improving customer engagement, and ultimately driving growth and revenue.”

– Oghosa Ogie| SEO Specialist at Webgig Team

AI and automation are transforming the sales industry, and businesses should welcome these changes with open arms. AI-powered tools can streamline processes, improve customer engagement, and drive growth and revenue. They also provide sales teams with better insights into customer behavior so that they can make more informed decisions.

Ultimately, AI-driven automation will enable sales teams to focus their energy on the creative aspects of selling, such as developing customer relationships and crafting better pitches. With AI-powered tools, businesses can make sure that they are staying ahead of the competition and providing customers with the best possible service.  It’s here to stay, and we must embrace it.


16. The unstoppable force of AI and Automation is transforming sales.

“In today’s digital age…automation comes in as an unstoppable force to help businesses thrive. By automating repetitive mundane tasks, businesses save crucial time and resources, thereby allowing them to focus on building customer relationships and closing more deals.

Furthermore, utilizing AI to analyze customer data provides invaluable insights for fine-tuning their sales strategies and delivering personalized experiences. Therefore, adopting AI and automation is not just important, but necessary, for businesses to thrive in the competitive landscape. Embracing these technologies will help businesses be at the forefront of innovation, stay agile, and adapt to the ever-evolving sales industry. “

– Abhishek A Agrawal, CEO at Integrately

AI and automation are changing the sales industry, offering businesses new opportunities to improve efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness. By automating repetitive tasks, businesses can save time and resources while also gaining valuable insights into customer behavior.

Meanwhile, AI-powered tools can even create personalized emails tailored to each customer’s individual needs, allowing businesses to stay ahead of the competition and provide customers with the best possible service, as well as generate insights and recommendations that will improve existing sales strategies.  The possibilities are endless.


Maximize results with AI and automation

The combination of AI and sales automation is no threat to sales professionals. Rather, they are valuable tools that can help them improve their sales process, given the right approach. By understanding the potential of these technologies and taking advantage of their capabilities, sales teams will be well-positioned to maximize their sales potential.

What are your thoughts on AI and automation? Let us know in the comments below!

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