How To Find An Email Address With A Phone Number 📱

So you met someone at a networking shindig and got their digits (for professional reasons, of course). You want to reach out but don’t have their email address.

Is this budding (professional) relationship destined to end at the stroke of midnight?

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Don’t worry, your highness! There’s still hope for you yet! Here’s a guide on how to find your Cinderella’s email address using their phone number.

1- Give them a call

I know! Who even calls anyone these days?

But really, this is the most reliable way to get a person’s email address. If you’ve already got their phone number, make it easy for yourself and take the obvious route.

Maybe shoot them a text first to ask and let them know what you’ll be sending them so that your email won’t end up languishing in the spam folder. You may use a cloud-based phone system, for that matter.

But I’m assuming that if you’re here reading this, you’ve already tried picking up the phone. Or maybe you’re at the point where it’ll be super awkward to ask.

In that case…

2- Use a search engine

Google is your best friend. Plug in their number online and see if it pops up anywhere.

And then it’s just a matter of going through the relevant results to see if there’s an associated email address. You might find their personal or business website that lists their phone number and their email address side-by-side.

You can also give their social media sites a look-see and check if they’ve listed their email address anywhere. (Here’s how you can find an email address on Twitter and LinkedIn)

But if Google isn’t returning anything useful, you can try to…

3- Use reverse phone lookup tools

There are a bunch of databases that hold both phone numbers and email addresses.

Try using the reverse phone lookup service on these people search engines:

All you have to do is input the phone number, and if you’re lucky, you might find an associated email address listed alongside the phone number you’re looking up.

However, these tools often have that sort of information locked behind a paywall, and details associated with cell or virtual phone numbers can be less accurate than residential or business numbers.

4- Use the phone’s email address

You can also try using the email address that comes with the phone number.

This option is great if you can’t text them for some reason, or if they’re using a vanity phone number. You can send an email to their phone via their cell provider.

Here’s how it works.

Many cellphone providers include an email address with the phone number they give their customers. When you send an email to this address, it will show up as a text on their cell phone.

First, use a carrier lookup tool to figure out who their cell provider is. Here’s a couple you can use:

Then, you can search to see what format the cell provider uses.

For example, you can text a:

Don’t bother with any fancy formatting for these. They won’t appear on the text, or even make it impossible to read.

Keep it short and the number of attachments at a minimum. The receiver has to download it all through their phone, and making them pay for all that if they don’t have an unlimited data plan is a jerk move.

Off you go!

So there you have it; a few ways to find email addresses using phone numbers. There’s no need to give up on that prospect just yet!

If all else fails, check out our ultimate guide here on proven ways to find anyone’s email address. Or specifically how to find someone’s: 

And of course, try ContactOut for free if you want to find accurate emails from 75% of the world’s professionals!

Now get out there and find your prince(ss)!

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