May 2020 Linkspiration

The month of May has been quite hard for many of us, thanks to the ongoing pandemic. That, however, is not stopping us from running across some very useful resources in our frequent trips across the vast reaches of the Internet. Here are some great stuff that we have run into for this month.

  1. Markettap. If you are into everything that has to do with Internet marketing and online business, you should check out this amazing blog. It is full of highly informative content covering a wide range of topics under the aforementioned topics including social media marketing, copy writing, sales generation, and working from home.
  2. Fasting Lane. Getting pudgy from not being able to go outside and take your usual CoViD-free walks? You might want to check out this blog and improve your dietary lifestyle. The content primarily focuses on Keto diet, a high-fat, low-carb diet with a moderate serving of protein on the side. This diet aims to trigger ketosis, a process where fat is stored as a source of energy in place of the food that you just ate, and this should result in fat loss.
  3. Nerd Butler. A personal blog of Levi Sauerbrei, it is one of the many things that prove quality beats quantity. It does not have much visible content at the moment, but what it has is filled with insight and a lot of useful tech information. You should check out his two-part keyboard shortcuts series if you want to make any typing work less of a hassle.
  4. Eve Mayer Media. These nice folks can turn your brand’s story into a high-quality video that will make you proud of your business. They also offer consultation services for any company from anywhere on the planet and have resident experts that you can hire as keynote speakers or trainers.
  5. Magnus Opus. SEO and digital marketing is the backbone of any successful business, and Michael Magnus knows just that. This company of his offers advertising, SEO, and marketing services that target what your business really needs. The ads they create are essentially data-driven stories that let you engage your audience as you promote your business online.
  6. This article from Social Media Delivered features some really useful tools that can up your social media game. Be sure to check out their other content too if you are into social media marketing.
  7. Do you need to reset your WordPress database because something, somehow, went really, really wrong? This WordPress reset tool can help you out in this regard. Indeed, it is a safety net that can bail you out when you accidentally botch your WordPress site, as it is also a convenient tool that will help you reset everything should you need to start from a clean slate.
  8. If you ever need to download any YouTube video into WAV audio, you should check out this list of YouTube to WAV converters from Techgyo.
  9. 89transfers dynamic airport transfer company in Mallorca operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They offer cheap transfers from Airport Mallorca to your hotel and vice versa. At the unique price.
  10. Paid Web Hosting Control Panels – The Control Panel tool helps the website owners and admins to manage their web hosting services. Many activities can be done with the control panel, including domain name management, application installation, creating & managing email accounts, FTP, database management, backups, and more.
  11. Best Time To Send Marketing Emails In 2020 – How many times have you spent hours on crafting the perfect email, only to have just a fraction of the recipients actually open it? Believe me – we know your frustration. Email marketing is an excellent way to promote content and products, even though sometimes it can be difficult to get people to view your emails. Combating this issue of low open rates, however, is not as difficult as it seems.
  12. Even though Telligent Marketing LLC focuses mainly on providing local SEO for lawyers, the advice and information they provide can be useful to any business in any industry that wants to take advantage of the immense benefits that local SEO can offer to a business.
  13. Creative Ways to Start Your Own Business – starting your very own commercial enterprise is less difficult than ever way to the ever-changing world of technology. Get started today by means of launching your enterprise with this list of profitable small commercial enterprise ideas as inspiration 

Did we miss something amazing? If so, feel free to let us know in the comment section.

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